New Holland Excavator E215C
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  • Engine Power
  • 129 KW/173 hp
  • Operating weight
  • 22.2/22/8/22.9
Superior Performance

The exceptional stability and optimal weight distribution enable the operator to make the most of the E215C's superior breakout force and lifting capacity. The Continuous Power Boost delivers extra power as and when needed, raising hydraulic pressure from 34.3 to 37.8 Mpa. Travelling on inclines and difficult terrain is easy with the excellent drawbar pull.

SCR Only Technology

New Holland's SCR solution, developed by FPT Industrial to meet Tier 4i (EU Stage IIIB) emissions regulations, reduces PM levels with high combustion temperatures and breaks down NOx with AdBlue.

Designed with environmental care

New Holland has a long history of designing products with emissions levels well below regulatory levels.

Low Emissions

New Holland's SCR technology, developed to meet Tier 4 interim (EU Stage IIIB) regulations, not only drammatically reduces emissions levels, but also achieves exceptional fuel efficiency, which further reduces the enviromental impact of the machine. Today our E215C Series excavators emissions levels are as low as: CO: 0.42 g/kWh, HC: 0.03 g/kWh, NOx: 3.01 g/kWh, PM: 0.009 g/kWh

Low impact

The AdBlue additive is a solution of urea and demineralised water: clean, harmless and enviromentally friendly. Yes to the biodiesel! All New Holland Tier4 interim compliant products which use our SCR technology can use blends of 20% biodiesel.

Evolution in comfort

The spacious EVO cab is designed to maximize the operator's comfort and performance.All switches and controls are ergonomically positioned on the right side, easy to find and to reach; opening and closing the front window is easy with the onetouch lock release; and the extra wide door provides easy access.

Service points at ground level

The engine oil filter, fuel filter and water separator, which removes contaminants and water, are key for good engine performance and durability. They are remote mounted and easy to reach from ground level for easy maintenance.

Machine Weight 47,800 lbs
Maximum Digging Depth 22 feet
Bucket Digging Force 31,700 lbs
Heavy Duty Bucket 48 inches : 1.3 cu. yd.
Enclosed Cab with Air Condition & AM / FM Radio  
Base Machine with Long Undercarriage and Boom Cylinders  
31.5" (800mm) Semi-Triple Grouser Shoes  
18' 6" (5.65m) Severe Duty Boom (one piece) with Arm Cylinder  
9' 8" (2.94m) Severe Duty Arm with Bucket Cylinder and Linkage  
Hydraulic Piping for Hammer  
Rear View Camera  
Work Lights  

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