Motorized Pallet Jack

Hyster W40z Motorized Pallet Truck
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  • Make
  • Hyster
  • Model
  • W40Z
HSM Stability system

Hyster Stability Mechanism™ reduces truck lean in turns, improving lateral stability. The design enables the operator to travel over uneven surfaces with confidence.

reverse assist grip

The rear grab handle provides an excellent hand hold for reverse driving while giving easy access to the auxiliary horn button.

system and functional alerts

Audible and visible operational alerts including signal lights, rotating beacons and reverse buzzer.

ergonomic seats

Operators can select their desired seating positon with fore/aft and backrest recline adjustment. The weight adjustment knob on the full suspension seat ensures the most suitable suspension for the individual.

side shifts

Optional feature for adjusting and aligning loaded goods. It has a new structure to facilitate utmost productivity.

all weather steal cabin

Steel cabin protects the operator and provides comfort under harsh working conditions. Optional cabin fan is also available.

easy operator access

The low wide step, ample shoulder clearance and flow lined design of engine hood ensures easy operator accessibility upon unit ingress/egress.

24 volts  
Flush Pallet top  
Electric Horn  
Electromagnetic Park brake with Service Over-ride  
48" x 27" x 7" Forks (Length x Overall Width x Width)  
3.25" Lowered Fork Height with 5.0" Lift Height  
Polyurethane Load Wheel (3.25" x 4.5")  
Press-on Rubber Drive Tyre (9" x 5") Impact Resistant, Ergonomically Designed  
Bottom Mounted Control Handle with gas Spring Return  
Butterfly Type Accelerator Control and Lifting / Lowering Buttons  
Direction Reversing Switch  
Creep Speed "Turtle" Button (Brakes Over-ride)  
Pallet Entry / Exit Skids  
Pallet Exit Rollers  
UL Classification E  

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